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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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The Force Awakens… 7 Years Later

Star Wars: Episode 7: The Force Awakens is the 7th movie in the Star Wars Saga and the first Star Wars movie under the Disney banner. The Force Awakens released in 2015, and is the first movie in the sequel trilogy or “the sequels.” Is Episode 7 the best of the sequels or the worst? So… Star Wars: Episode 7 all these years later, how is it viewed now? In this video, I discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens… 7 Years Later

0:00 – The Force Awakens… 6 Years Later
1:30 – Chapter 1: Origins of the Awakening
4:14 – Chapter 2: A New Hope 2
11:09 – Chapter 3: The World Building Sleeps
16:10 – Chapter 4: Rey The Scavenger
30:24 – Chapter 5: Finn The Stormtrooper
35:57 – Chapter 6: Han Solo The Father
39:32 – Chapter 7: The “Mighty” Kylo Ren
47:01 – Chapter 8: The Battle of Starkiller Base
55:55 – Chapter 9: The Start Of A New Era

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I remember a time when the notion of a Star Wars episode 7 seemed like a dream. George Lucas openly said there is no episode 7, but once disney bought the franchise that all changed. Disney announced not only a Star Wars Episode 7, but an entire sequel trilogy. And boy did this trilogy end up being divisive. When there’s online discourse about the sequels, rarely do people seem to argue about the force awakens. It’s usually either intense disdain or praise thrown at The Last Jedi or The Rise of Skywalker. Why is this the case? Well, let’s travel back in time to 2015 when the force awakens came out. Hello everybody and welcome to another video, my name is the gold man and today we will be talking about Star Wars: Episode 7: The Force Awakens… all these years later.
On October 30th, 2012. The Walt Disney company purchased Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion. Now to some that may seem like a lot, but considering Disney bought Fox for $71 Billion, $4.05 Billion doesn’t seem like much. Shortly after the acquisition, Disney CEO Bob Iger immediately announced a Star Wars episode 7 coming in 2015. At the time this was mostly met with excitement. Star Wars was in a bit of a dry phase. Contrary to what revisionist history may say, the prequels were still relatively unliked at the time. So not only was the announcement of an episode 7 exciting for a lot of people, but the idea that George Lucas wouldn’t be directing it was also exciting to some. Don’t believe me, go back in time and watch videos from 2012-2015 and tell me how much George Lucas praise there was back then. In early 2013, writer and director JJ Abrams was brought onto the project with Michael Arndt set to write. Shortly thereafter was the first time we started to see production problems behind the scenes. Arndt wanted more time to write the script, but Lucasfilm wanted the film to be released in 2015. So ultimately Arndt left the project and JJ Abrams and Star Wars legend Lawrence Kasdan finished the script, and production began late 2014. I remember this time as clearly as if it were yesterday. The excitement for this movie was unparalleled. Harrison Ford, Mark Hammil, and Carrie Fisher were confirmed to be returning, and a new cast of actors were hired for the movie too. When trailers for this movie were released, people went nuts. You can go back in time and watch compilations of grown men crying seeing Han Solo for the first time in 32 years. A major part of the marketing for the force awakens was pretty much that this movie was going to be everything the originals were, and nothing like the prequels. Abrams and his team put an emphasis on the notion of practical effects and less politics and great acting. Early on in the production of this movie, Lucas was originally a consultant. But decided to leave the project after he realized Lucasfilm was not too keen on having his ideas. As the movie approached release, its hype was starting to get out of control. Online ticket websites were crashing for the first time due to high demand. People would analyze every frame of the trailers just to get a hint of what was going to happen. And on December 18th 2015, The Force Awakens released in theaters. Financially the movie was a major success. Becoming the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time at the time of the release. And to this day it is still the highest grossing movie ever domestically.

Star Wars Episode VII – The Battle of Takodana

La batalla que se da en Takodana, de la película Star Wars Episodio VII: el Despertar de la Fuerza. Disfruten.

Todos los derechos pertenecen a Disney, este video es solo un extracto de la película.

Symphonic Suite from Star Wars: The Force Awakens Williams/Bocook

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Music for Symphonic Band – Grade 4
Utilizing the distinctive “Jedi Steps” theme featured at the end of the film, combined with the rousing “Finale” from the end credits, Jay Bocook authentically recreates the beauty and power of this amazing film score. Courtesy of Mr. Williams himself, an alternate “concert ending” is provided in addition to the quiet ending as heard at the end of the film.

Star Wars The Force Awakens. Entire Space Battle HD

Complete HD Star Wars battle.