Awakening – Dragon Age Guide


Awakening – Dragon Age Guide

Awakening is the Expansion Pack to Dragon Age: Origins. Click on the links below for the walkthrough of the entire

Angry Review: Dragon Age Awakening (13 Hours Long?!)

Full Review & More!:

Dragon Age Origins Awakening Finale The Mother Boss Fight (The Architect’s True Intentions)


Dragon Age Origins Full Walkthrough (Drawf Commoner):

Grey Warden Joining:


Morrigan Romance:

Lilianna Romance:

Morrigan Sleeps With Loghain:

Morrigan Sleeps With Alistair:

Sleeping With Elf Bride:

Noble Dwarf Threesome:

Loghain Becomes a Grey Warden:

Killing Possessed Child:

Desire Demon Romance:

Desire Demon Seduces and Kidnaps Templar:

Wynne’s Death and Rebirth:

Wynne’s Son Taken:

Breaking up with Lilianna for Morrigan:

Sten’s Loyalty (Legendary Sword):

Alistair Becomes King:

Saving the Elves and Werewolves:

Killing the Elves (Maintaining Werewolve Curse):

Fade Beast (Hidden Boss Fight):

High Dragon Boss Fight:

Uldred Boss Fight (Saving the Mages):

Shale’s Past and Gender Reveal:

Sloth Demon Visions (All outcomes):


Part 1 (Drawf Commoner Origins):

Part 2 Joining the Grey Wardens:

Part 3 Finding New Recruits:

Part 4 The Circle Tower:

Part 5 Demon Child:

Part 6 High Dragon Boss Fight

Part 7 Elves Vs Werewolves

Part 8 Orzammar

Part 9 Deep Roads (Broodmother)

Part 10 Anora

Part 11 Loghain Boss Fight

Ending / The Archdemon Dragon Boss Fight:

Liliana’s Song DLC:

The Darkspawn Chronicles (Death of the Grey Wardens):

The Golems of Amgarrak (Harvester Boss Fight):

Witch Hunt DLC (Morrigan Romance):

The Stone Prisoner (Demon Kitten Boss Fight):

Return to Ostagar:

Soldier’s Peak:


Dragon Age Awakening Full Walkthrough:

Part 1 Return of the Grey Wardens:

Part 2 Inferno Golem The Lost:

Part 3 Dragon Thrall Boss Fight:

Part 4 The Baroness:

Part 5 Queen of the Blackmarsh:

Part 6 Final Boss The Mother:

Anders Loyalty:

Nathanial Loyalty:

Justice Loyalty:

Let’s Play! Dragon Age: Awakening: Part 24: The Silverite Mines

Charlotte and her companions enter the Silverite Mines… and have an interesting encounter with a very strange darkspawn indeed….

Dragon Age Origins Awakening Golem’s Might Quest Walkthrough

Dragon Age Origins Awakening Golem’s Might Quest Walkthrough